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Surfboard fins

skutter - 11-15-2015 at 04:24 AM

I have a 5'10 bic fish thruster set and yesterday i lost my center fin to i guess shallow water - I didnt notice until i'd come in a landed the kite then picked up the board. But it must have happend right towards the end of my session.

Now i have to either ride it as a twin or by new fins - and mostl likley do both :) - But its got me thinking about fin sizes and set ups -

I'm quite a big guy for the board - its not really a light wind machine for me and i think i need to work on my upwind technique for up wind - i find the stance and foot weighting is very different from when riding my twin tip.

anywhoo - IF i ride it with just the two fins im guessing it will be quicker but perhaps less stable? and perhaps not so good upwind? I'm wondering if i should buy some FSC soft fins - might be good for the sand bars - but i'm thinking i would loose perfomance as they may well bend too much when edging- WHat about putting a big center fin in? would this just make the board too slow? I know the only thing is to really just buy lots of fins experiment and see what works for me and the board but thought i'd ask about to see what others have found.