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oh the phreshness is pervasive folks

PHREERIDER - 8-31-2015 at 05:46 PM

yep...looking like a trampa situation.

much gratitude for this oppurtunity, thank you Rich.

WELDNGOD - 8-31-2015 at 05:57 PM

welcome to the phamily!:cool:

PHREERIDER - 8-31-2015 at 06:05 PM

right on man! unit is sweet!

PHREERIDER - 8-31-2015 at 06:12 PM

i will have to move into 9" , definitely will rock this for a while , the trampa bearing seals are just too much!

BeamerBob - 8-31-2015 at 06:16 PM

The world is better with Phree having like new prime freshness.

B-Roc - 8-31-2015 at 07:15 PM

Those are some seriously steep kicks. What is the length of that deck from tip to tip?

RedSky - 8-31-2015 at 07:49 PM

:thumbup: Stunning piece of kit.

indigo_wolf - 8-31-2015 at 08:23 PM

Quote: Originally posted by B-Roc  
Those are some seriously steep kicks. What is the length of that deck from tip to tip?

It's this one:


Windstruck - 8-31-2015 at 08:53 PM

Lordy! Today is the day for beautiful pictures on PKF. First indigos backrest and now this bad-assed board. One of the coolest boards I've seen.

ssayre - 9-1-2015 at 04:06 AM

it looks like no detail is overlooked on these. nice one!

PHREERIDER - 9-1-2015 at 05:02 AM

Thanks guys , really looks to be a devine board . Deck is weapon thickness and pads seem like steel belted business ready. GI flight lite composite deck is still standing as everything on it crumbles some justice pics for comparison up in a few. Made my day!

abkayak - 9-1-2015 at 05:19 AM

are those phrigin coilover air shocks?

shehatesmyhobbies - 9-1-2015 at 03:09 PM

Glad you are digging the board, glad it is in a welcome home! I only rode it three times on grass, so it is definitely still Phresh!

WELDNGOD - 9-1-2015 at 03:55 PM

Phree here is mine. I have some silver stars if you want to mix up the color scheme a bit. Say a trade of 4 red stars for 4 silver stars. But then I suspect you might be more like me and want to keep it uniform. After I got mine I saw the blue stars and had to have 'em. They were 15 bucks apiece. I also got blue sealed bearings. I LOVE MY TRAMPA!!!

TRAMPA.jpg - 172kB

PHREERIDER - 9-1-2015 at 04:52 PM

man WG they are smoothered in cool! and you can maintain it. way too many choices for me, last ride on GI for a while today. got pics side by side.

WELDNGOD - 9-1-2015 at 05:04 PM

I been trying to tell people TRAMPAs where it's at,for a std. style ATB. :thumbup::cool::thumbup:

PHREERIDER - 9-1-2015 at 05:50 PM

Quote: Originally posted by abkayak  
are those phrigin coilover air shocks?

spring over egg shocks , they call them dampas

BeamerBob - 9-2-2015 at 05:47 AM

Quote: Originally posted by PHREERIDER  
Quote: Originally posted by abkayak  
are those phrigin coilover air shocks?

spring over egg shocks , they call them dampas

That would make them "Trampa Dampas".

flyguy0101 - 9-2-2015 at 06:24 AM

This will be the true test of quality- phree is the only guy I know who regularly just wears out kite gear from use (so jealous) but I have been able to break ever other board or parts I have owned EXCEPT my trampa- so lets see how many hours phree can get before some parts wear out:D:D

abkayak - 9-2-2015 at 06:29 AM

so...why do those nubblets pass thru the board, any reason?

flyguy0101 - 9-2-2015 at 06:37 AM

-ab the nubs are allen keys that can be used to tighten the dampas which tightens the trucks with out compressing the springs makes for a very smooth carving ride and does not wear out like skate truck bumpers

abkayak - 9-2-2015 at 08:18 AM

very cool...but you gotta like the air shock idea, maybe we speak to Rancho

PHREERIDER - 9-2-2015 at 04:25 PM

here the old -->GI flight lite composite deck, talon straps and channels with cubes(9" on MBS trispoke)

and new TRAMPA ! carbon (long)960mm 15ply, 35 degree tips, vertigo channels, sexy red azz cam lock straps and twistars alloy w/ 8"

started using the GI flight lite in April 2014 just before JIBE '14 roughly about 3-4 cube sets, 6+ sets of bearings, 3rd set of tires are 9" and one has already had a broken bead and been dropped, foot straps had to backed with line (just in case) and wrapped, in total 1200hour range in roughly 16-18months of service.

here some stance assessment with board /grip tape wear which gives up dominate to less favored orientation.

here the obvious tire difference , the smaller tires just don't stand a chance , the 9" is more tire in total. in general the 8" wear thru quick and the 9" the bead fails before the tire wears thru.

the talon straps required heavy support to get this much time. every point had to be support line across the foot and all pads wrapped. and brackets are bent esp. right side

right side brackets also loose on board attachment bolts chronically loose but never backed out despite reasonable attention given to maintain them tight

ssayre - 9-2-2015 at 05:34 PM

quite a difference. makes me wish I would have tried the larger tires before I gave up landboard.

PHREERIDER - 9-2-2015 at 06:10 PM

for all purpose the 9s are king , the 8s are great but for heavy use the can go quick and float over semi soft is limited...esp. for the bigger rider they will last longer over more varied surfaces.

the only slight drawback is weight, and for a big rider fractional. and for GI it really accelerated the trucks/cube wear.

PHREERIDER - 9-9-2015 at 06:32 AM

got couple hours on the this board, and the crisp machine like feel is nice, a little stiff in the trucks but i know time will change that and actually a precursor to hi mileage tolerance ...so i believe.

the 8" wheels are matched well to its size , the 9s may catch my toes as trucks relax.

and the foot to axle distance is the only real change, the stance is the same as GI.

and the foot strap brackets, my 13 size shoes would not go between the stock set up so i flip the inside bracket to allow passages, same as the GI ...guess thats more a personal problem than a board problem and ties back to the 9" wheels possibly catch my toes.

with the 8" and brackets flipped its fine , love it glad i got. the 9" may be cramped a tiny bit. may just leave 9s on the GI and swap new straps on that board.

PHREERIDER - 3-18-2016 at 04:38 PM

i know i should have been shaping my foil junk, why? who knows! but finally got to add the MBS straps F3's to my GI flight lite, the obvious talon strap crap really piles up. plus i haven't ridden this thing since trampa unit arrived,

anyway the details

the dead higly supported talons , including donor for one side of brackets ...i have red, green x 3, yellow and crap everyone, the only good ones are the ones you don't use...kinda like the vegas wheels.

oh the freshness! got these from Dino, i think, with a spares sell off , maybe last spring...phit the bill!