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Where to kite on Long Island??

JeffMTB - 7-16-2015 at 08:57 AM

Hello all! Have begun getting back into kiting and have my Tensor 5.0 and Snapshot that I'd like to get out for some power kiting, but not sure where exactly is the best places on the island to fly. I don't know and never see anyone really flying anything around here and haven't had any real connections made via online forums, etc. I'd like to eventually get into buggying/boarding possibly, but am a true novice with those and don't know anyone that partakes in those sports, but would love to learn.

I'm located in East Northport (center Long Island) and interested in meeting anyone else that knows of any big fields, beaches or any place where there is some good, clean wind to catch. I'm surrounded mostly by trees and such, so the winds aren't very good most the time.

I hope to hear from someone or many of you out there in the hopes of making some new kiting friends in the community.

Jeff :)

abkayak - 7-16-2015 at 09:45 AM

see if you can make friends w/ authorities at wildwood state park, i spoke w/ them on the phone last year and they were pretty receptive...ive also flown at few parks on hempstead bay dont remember the names...this time of year we are not who they cater to...but if the weather is badish no tourists on the beach you may be ok...do not jeopardize the year round access only go where your allowed this time of year(not much)....its more important to be able go to these places fall thru spring...im down by long beach and very protective of my back yard...but would love to get you out on a bug/board just need to pick and the choose times..im sure you can grab some air time at Gilgo..this is a yr round kite surfing area and you should be ok...goggle nassau and suffolk kite flying rules and some park areas will show up w/ maps
dont teach anyone else to fly and we should be ok a few more years