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Kaliantan Lombok Indonesia

sefoC - 6-14-2015 at 11:18 PM

Hi Guys i'm new here, i would like to bring to your attention about this new spot in Indonesia, we are doing kite camp since 2013 the spot is magnificent and the wind is blowing daily.
This area is a bit poor, immagine than they get electricity for the firs time this year!!! and i would like to help this people to establish some business around, i start to teach kiteboarding to few local funny guys.. and they love it, (you can see the picture on the FB page) what they have is wind for 8 month a year from 15 to 25/28 knots E April, side shore, SE May-June-July, side on shore. S, August-September on shore. SW October-November side shore W January-February, off shore.
The best time is From May to October with trade wind, waves and flat water available
The funny thing is that they have a special windy place and they don't know how to use it :) ... please guys help me to improve this poor area of the world.. even just sharing the link it will be a really helpful for me and for all the community around
our page is
thanks a lot for your cooperation...
Never give up!!

fellipegorys - 7-13-2015 at 08:52 AM

Good to know! ;) Sharing it!