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Basic info about Fall 2015 SOBB for a potential first timer?

Windstruck - 6-3-2015 at 04:15 PM

Hi all - I've seen the dates for Fall 2015 (9/5-9/13). Where can I learn more about this great sounding buggy event? Is there a dedicated website? Fee to attend, signup, etc.? Any basic info would be great as I've not attended a buggy event before but am thinking about this being my first!

Thanks !

Bladerunner - 6-4-2015 at 04:02 AM

We ride at Sunset Beach in Warrenton. Usually a mile or 2 to the right of the entrance. You can drive up the beach.

You can camp by donation at "Buggy camp" on Delmoor (sp?) loop. It is dry camping in Phil's back 40. Porta potty and water are available. Possiblyy the best Motel deal is City Center Motel in Seaside. 2 star but 2 shining stars. I stayed there this past trip. Some nights there may be shared meals in buggy camp. Most nights there is a fire and fun times. I personally donate to buggy camp even if I don't camp there. The event wouldn't be the same without it. The event itself is free.

It is not a large event but it is a great time and great bunch of people. Everybody will be happy to help you progress. Don't be shy and most folks will gladly let you try their kites / rides + give you pointers.

I come from a Skate / ski background also. I REALLY LOVE riding my Coyote rollerblades on the beach. As close to kiteski as you can get. If you are size 9 I have a set you can try. I have a feeling you will take too them easy. If not, I also have some short skis that are fun but ??? Old rentals so they adjust to your boot size easy. Maybe bring your ski boots?

Be sure and join us and I can promise you won't be disappointed! I usually go for the 1st weekend + whatever extra days I may get off work. Definitely plan to go the 1st weekend since Bobby will be there!


Windstruck - 6-4-2015 at 04:56 AM

Bladerunner - thanks for the great information! This does look like fun. I work all over about a dozen western states (including OR) and was thinking about combining work with play in September. Like you, I was thinking of heading up for the first weekend and then working in Portland during the beginning of that next week.

I've got a PL folding buggy and was thinking I could take off the front wheel assembly, fold her up and stuff her up in a big duffle bag along with my kites and bars and take it as checked baggage on the flight. I'd likely stay in a hotel so as to not have to also travel with a tent/sleeping bag, etc (too much luggage!). but would most certainly spend time at the camp for the friendship and fun. I like your idea of financially supporting the camp whether I use it or not for the same reasons you have.

It's in my calendar! Fingers and toes crossed. :bouncing:

BeamerBob - 6-4-2015 at 06:21 AM

Quote: Originally posted by Bladerunner  
Definitely plan to go the 1st weekend since Bobby will be there!


:embarrased::embarrased: You flatter me Blade! I had to think for a second about who the other Bobby was.

sunset-Jim - 6-4-2015 at 06:27 AM

I have a tent and sleeping bag available for anybody that would like to use them.

Bladerunner - 6-4-2015 at 04:08 PM

There is a bit of distance between the beach, buggy camp and Seaside. Having your own vehicle is a big advantage? Last year Rockfighter rented one of those U-Haul vans and had transport + a kite fort all in one?

1oldkid - 6-4-2015 at 04:41 PM

Great information...thanks for sharing that!

Blitzhound - 7-24-2015 at 11:47 AM

Sounds like fun! I'm in the coos Bay Area and have been static flying foils for years. I really want to get into buggies. But never knew where to look or who to talk to. Now that I know about this event and the fact it's only a could hours drive away. You all can expect to see me. I hope to meet as many buggiers as possible and learn more about the sport. I don't have a buggy but I'll be there with my kites and my family in tow. Haha! Can't wait.

jellis - 7-24-2015 at 01:59 PM

There's the best food in buggy camp ever, the fire in the afternoon goes great with refreshment, and Sunset Beach is world renowned. We are all family that helps each other and shares what ever we have. No sign up, no entry fees, just a lot of fun, so come and join the family and use some wind at the beach.

Buggy camp access?

Blitzhound - 9-3-2015 at 07:58 PM

Packing the truck tomorrow. Heading up early Saturday. Is buggy camp accessible without going out onto the sand? My pickup is a one ton dually and I'm not so sure about taking her out onto the sand.


Blitzhound - 9-3-2015 at 08:08 PM

i guess i should have looked at the map that was posted before i asked. Anyway...looking forward to some good times. im super excited. i have been flying kites for years but have yet to meet anyone in person that enjoys it as much as i do...

WIllardTheGrey - 9-3-2015 at 08:20 PM

Blitzhound the beach up there isn't like the beaches down here. All flat with flat approaches, when I was up there I was amazed to see so many 2wd cars/trucks/RVs! on the beach. I even watched a 57 Bel Air drive by on the wet sand. (my jaw hit the beach)

So wish I could make it again, haven't been in a few years. Life keeps getting in the way.