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ocean rodeo rise 12m.. I think year 2011

solamentej - 4-15-2015 at 05:23 PM

We want to get our first LEI to play with.

Mostly great lakes conditions
lighter summer winds 10-25 miles/hr
riders 160 - 200lb

This would be our first LEI

we have some smaller flysurfer foils 6 and 8m for kite skiing and kite landboarding

WOULD THIS OCEAN RODEO rise 12m kite be a good choice????

we can get a good deal on this one $400 including bar??? at least, I think, it is a good deal??

PLEASE.. advise... and or recommend what kite to look for


markite - 4-15-2015 at 09:23 PM

I used a lot of Rises and still have a few. the 12 Rise is a nice kite, the Rise is a kite that develops it's power with kite speed so if you are doing wave riding and you head toward the kite and it stalls a bit you will need to get the kite moving to get the power - the do fly fast. Kites that are made for wave riding sit back a touch more and drift back holding power in the drift and don't need as much forward movement.
I usually ride lake Erie and Lake Huron and in the spring and early summer we get a lot of doming until the water warms up so if you are kiting anywhere with a big sandy beach that warms up fast when the water is still colder it'll dome and kill off the wind so long line extensions will be a handy add on to have to extend the 12's capability if you are in lighter air days. years ago the 12 would have been a nice average kite to use but as we get into summers now it seems more often like very light wind or on the verge of a summer storm front, not as many back to back days on a 12 size. i might be starting big and wind pucks up to go to a 12 - or when you get there and it's blowing a nice wind more in the mid teens to that 25 mph range you'll be good. 10mph with a 12m isn't going to cut it.
Just do the usual checks to make sure material is still in good shape and not feeling like a lot of UV exposure, make sure bladders are good, check leading edge for any thread wear along critical seams if it's been rubbing back and forth on a beach or on ice, check bridle lines where pulleys run for excess wear, same with the bar check the trim line that will get wear - but it's a fair price for kite complete if it's in good shape - pump too?

solamentej - 4-16-2015 at 09:38 AM

Thank you....will keep looking for some good deals...was even thinking about Flysurfer foil...12-14m...but probably much more headache to deal with those in water....

solamentej - 4-16-2015 at 09:40 AM

Thank you....will keep looking for some good deals...was even thinking about Flysurfer foil...12-14m...but probably much more headache to deal with those in water....

Kamikuza - 4-17-2015 at 04:26 AM

I'm going to sell my 17.5m Ocean Rodeo Flite, soon as I get around to writing the ad...

17m kite?? UPDATE

solamentej - 4-17-2015 at 07:06 PM

I think 17 m kite might be too much for me as a first LEI :o

I might be flying right across the bay..interfering with the air traffic in the area



just about to get my hands on NAISH RIDE 12m LEI...

GOOD OR BAD choice..... reviews seem to be good... not an expert kite... but as reviewed.. stable kite with good low end... not the fastest turner... but they say very good.. light overall... 2 struts only construction??!!


markite - 4-17-2015 at 08:30 PM

I don't have any personal experience with a Naish Ride but for your weight a 12m is a good size for your first LEI. Depending on where you are on the Great Lakes you may get more consistent summer winds than we get in southern Ontario. Your body weight means you can get away with a little bit smaller kite than many of us. The one thing to keep in mind when people talk about a good middle sized kite it will often mean that when you show up with that one kite you can often be underpowered or overpowered, but that is the average size being in the middle. I also have a new 17.5 flite and a new 17 flite then smaller kites all thee way down to 6m but if I took all of my sessions in a year I will have more sessions on my largest kite than all other sizes added together just because of the very light summer days etc.
For you a large kite may end up being a 13/14 size and the 12 being a 2 strut kite might push it more into the range where you would have needed a 13 or 14 of a heavier kite.
12m is a good balance of handling and power and you can still fly it in lighter winds, perhaps not enough to quite get up and go at times but enough to be able to throw that kite around and learn.

Kamikuza - 4-18-2015 at 06:02 AM

Ho ho ho... 90kg and summer winds on a 12m and learning? Good luck, better get a SUP too.

If you just want to play, get it. Get anything. Just choose the wind you go out in carefully, check what's downwind and learn how to use your QR.

solamentej - 4-18-2015 at 06:25 AM

thanks guys....I might get it.. it will not be probably big enough for lighter wind summer days.. as Kamikuza a.k.a "hohoho man" mentioned.... but might be a good play kite... I could use it around the beach... if we get stronger wind.. I will be out there.. if not blowing much.. being a bit lighter ..2 struts kite.. I can fly it on land with my landboard or even use it in winter on my skis.. since the cold air gives a bit more punch.. even in lighter conditions..

you guys are GREAT.. THANK you for your replies...
have fun on water... and I might even drive somewhere to meet you MARKite.. since you must be sometimes blasting across the lake.. somewhere not too far from me... as you are also on great lakes somewhere...

tridude - 4-21-2015 at 06:31 AM


Not to rain on your parade but I have seen a couple of these kites tomahawk the water (leading edge first) and the canopy split all the way thru the middle...........they were 2010 models.......I was off the water most of '11 due to medical reasons..............good news is they fly a size or two larger than listed size so that may work for you...........good luck

Kamikuza - 4-21-2015 at 11:51 PM

Yeah, Rise was a popular kite cos it was grunty. The Flite gen 1 and the Razor were appatently modeled on it, until the last few (?) iterations when they went and did their own thing...

Last one I saw was on NZ, local instructor using a 14 as a light wind kite. He weighed about 50kg though and we had cool air, flat water spot.