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Choosing a board

Suds after thuds - 3-27-2015 at 12:34 PM

the board should help me do two things: ride waves and get going in light wind, preferably strapless.

needless to say I am having trouble deciding. I'm 150lb. 68kg and a tick under 6' or 180cm.
Here are my top candidates:
1.F-One Mitu Strapless 2014 6'0''

2.North Nugget TT 2014 Wave-Kiteboard Product Details:

Size: 52 x 21 x 2 3/8
Volume: 28.9

3+4. Cabrinha Secret Weapon 2015 TEST Surfboard 5'2" or 5'10

Any help will be appreciated!

volock - 3-27-2015 at 12:40 PM

Best of luck finding something, I'm still looking for a door of my own to use for low wind.

PHREERIDER - 3-27-2015 at 01:56 PM

forget the straps , and that would be marginal TT wind , if you want light wind surf board you need around decent 6' around 40L +/- or so.

to learn you will need some time in powered wind before light air sessions. with good skill 12mph is doable, u have to carry considerable speed to keep things going

prolly the north would be the choice of the lot, very popular , lotta range , think it has spined bottom, its totally kite specific.

grigorib - 3-28-2015 at 08:10 AM

I can ride in 7 knots on 159cm door twintip at my 200 lbs. Note that door sucks in waves - that's where the surfboard comes handy.

Suds after thuds - 3-28-2015 at 09:41 AM

I guess riding some waves and learning strapless is more important to me than the light wind performance. I still haven't got a kite that I can ride in winds under 15 knots on the water.
I found this german lang. review site:

Makes me think that the f one might be a couple of inches too long for me, but the best all around performance with forgiving ease of use.

The North Nugget is the easiest to learn on and has the best light wind performance of the three. But it has a bigger turn radius.

And the Secret Weapon looks really well suited for the waves Baltic and North Seas.

Last year i wanted to learn to hold my ground, this year cutbacks and landings are the focus.
I've got a couple more weeks to mull this one over...

PHREERIDER - 3-28-2015 at 05:10 PM

you have give a couple TT sessions to get the surf thing going... and first time up for me was great , really free and surfy , light pressure on top of the board. way better than wake skate/kite, once your start is wired it gets fun quick . north would easy skill builder. turn radius won't mean squat. unless you already have deep surf skills to require performance. the nugget is choice.

Suds after thuds - 3-29-2015 at 05:02 AM

Always was/ am still more than a little partial to good nuggets.
Thanks Phree,
I'm convinced.
Luckily, that board is on sale and the lowest price of the lot.

Now that that's settled, I need to pick this year's new (to me) kite.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.