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Power Foil 4.0

lunes - 2-21-2004 at 10:27 PM

Hey guys, total newb here...
Saw some guys doing jumping the other day, never seen this before i fell in-love with the idea right there and then. Do'nt have any friends who do that, so went out arround town to different kite shops. Found this place selling Power Foil 4.0 (i'm about 220 LBs). What do you think about getting that beast, looks pretty big to me, enough to lift me up... pretty cheep too, which is also an important factor to me. So what would you say? is it an OK choice? or should i pretty much forget about 200$ power kites to lift 220 LBs?

thx alot

coreykite - 2-23-2004 at 01:35 PM

Hi Newb,
First, consider this: With a parasail or paraglider the pilot and the wing are both facing and moving in the same direction.
Kites are tethered aerodynes. Meaning they work through resistance to the wind.
The kite faces the opposite direction (upwind) than the pilot (downwind).
So control is largely an illusion.
Hitting the ground is not, however.

This does not even begin to address the idea that your life is worth only "cheap" gear.

I am not aware of the specific design characteristics of the PowerFoil 4.0: whether it is a true power kite or simply a recreational soft ram-air.
But that size would typically require medium to fresh winds.
That would be a very chancy way to learn how much you really don't know.

I understand the desire to fly.
I also understand the laws of physics.
Remember; the laws of physics don't require our belief.

Why not learn to fly a sport kite before throwing oneself to the wind?