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pfd - what to buy?

pongnut - 12-5-2014 at 09:58 AM

This question is for those of you who use pfd's while kiteboarding, probably mostly the freshwater crowd - sinkers ;-) . What do you guys use that works with a seat harness? I'm thinking that I'll probably try to find something that will fit above my harness, unless you guys advise to get a vest that fits over the top my harness.

BeamerBob - 12-5-2014 at 10:05 AM

I wear a kayak vest. Totally adjustable, with a high flotation rating. Also they stay up and away from your harness and don't crowd your waist. And to top it off, they leave your arms totally free since they are made for paddling.

UnknownAX - 1-11-2015 at 03:42 PM

Yep, I use a kayak vest, too. I happened to already have one and it turned out be pretty much perfect for kiting! And as a bonus it'll keep you surprisingly warm.:D

PHREERIDER - 1-11-2015 at 04:08 PM

LF wake board impact vest works with my fusion seat and indeed adds warmth and prolly way too much bravery to the whole situation

Kober - 1-11-2015 at 06:43 PM

I use Dakine Surface Vest . This is not PDF but its thickly padded impact vest that give me way more then enough flotation and good freedom of movements ...

rtz - 1-11-2015 at 07:43 PM

I also use the Dakine Surface Vest and it provides enough float that I am satisfied with it. If I was to ever need to get something more substantial; the Neil Pride model called the High Hook is what I would get: http://www.npsurf.com/products/protective/impact-flotation-v...

pongnut - 1-11-2015 at 09:38 PM

Good stuff guys - thanks!