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Skates are on their way!!!!

sadsack - 9-26-2014 at 06:00 PM

I just got and email that my Multi Terrain Skates are on the way.
I just got done making a small air foil 4 feet by 10 feet. I know this small kite will not move me very fast, but I am just learning kite skating. I am getting all the stuff I need to build a nice size nasa delta wing kite, now that will have all kinds of power.
here are the skates I am getting. They are not like Wheels Of Doom type, but they should do me good for now. So let me know what you think about the skates I am geetting

mts-red-1-side-front_3.jpg - 53kB

skimtwashington - 9-26-2014 at 09:15 PM


Solid wheel w/shocks vs. Tubed inflatable tires(Like Coyote Rollerblade).

Use any shoe, but ankle support lacking. Yet this is offset somewhat by 4-wheel stability. Turning vs. Inline wheel set up? Holding line on stronger side pull vs. inline wheels?

This doesn't answer all those questions but shows milder use:

sadsack - 9-27-2014 at 02:15 AM

thank you, I needed to see that. I can't wait for the skate to get here. Plus I have to get the kite done too.

B-Roc - 9-27-2014 at 06:11 AM

In that video the kiter seems to be flying almost directly down wind and wearing nothing but socks or very low cut shoes. Ankle support and torque in the two wheels that are weight bearing in powered conditions will be the thing to look out for IMO.

skimtwashington - 9-27-2014 at 09:10 AM

No..he's in white sneakers.

Yup, B-Roc. Application to kiting suggests some possible limitations.

Limited 'sidewall support' from sole bases 'cup' side edge, and buckles(which seem to be attached on rivet that allows rotation)- as compared to full plastic shell.

Stiff ankled boot(- internal stiffener) may help..if this bulky a boot would fit...

Something like a sneaker may be too soft with sidepull forces, and sole's cupped edge might dig into sneaker or shoe's upper during this force...:puzzled:

I can see being pulled and rolling laterally on to 2 wheels.

Only trying with kite will tell outcome. Let us know.

sadsack - 9-27-2014 at 10:29 AM

Thanks I am working on getting out in the field.

Bladerunner - 9-27-2014 at 10:38 AM

I have a set of these.

The one and only time I tried them I found them to be clumsy and they didn't run well on sand. I enjoy my Coyotes so much I never got around to giving them a second chance. The fact you can edge and the ankle support on Coyotes make the experience so much better IMHO.
They may run better on asphalt but again, I would prefer my street rollerblades ( or Coyotes ) in that situation.

If you shop hard you can find Coyotes at not much more cost than these are new.

If anybody is interested I would sell them for $50 + shipping. They are basically new.

sadsack - 9-27-2014 at 12:10 PM

Let me see how they work, I just might buy then from you.