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WELDNGOD - 8-24-2014 at 04:10 AM

Winds are nukin' 15-20 gusts to30 NE .
Low tide @ 2;00pm
I wonder if I could get away with flying @ 86th st. today?????? I'm thinking of going to fly static and take my alloy buggy(to carry my stuff).:D

riffclown - 8-24-2014 at 05:20 AM


3shot - 8-25-2014 at 08:15 AM

We just got back from the OBX. Did you make it out Donnie?
Love 1m kites in nuking wind!!!!

3shot - 8-25-2014 at 08:15 AM

Damn double post..

WELDNGOD - 8-25-2014 at 12:46 PM

Yeah, I went out,flew a 1.5m for a while and left. The wind did NOT keep the people away from the beach, so no buggying . The wind was nuking though:D

3shot - 8-25-2014 at 01:01 PM

Little kites RULE!!:evil: