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How can I rig my control bar?

dangerdemon - 8-7-2014 at 07:05 AM

Hi guys, I've been kiting for years with four line handles but stopped for a while. I got my kite back and decided to learn again with a control bar.
I hope the picture attached successfully, if not: The bar has two lengths of rope each side as usual and one up the middle. One end has a pulley with cord which I suppose attaches to the brake lines (but most the diagrams and pictures on the net look much different) and on the other side it has what looks like a key which we had in the old days for corned beef tins.
I have a safety leash with a loop on the end and a harness with another pulley. How can I set all this rigging?
I appologise if my explanation is complicated and thanks in advance!

FB_IMG_1407356443392.jpg - 223kB

Meat–river - 8-7-2014 at 07:20 AM

Green bar lead to right side power line. Red bar lead to left side power line. Connect the brake lines to each side of the small black line, orientation doesn't matter here. I assume the "key" get threaded through the bungee on the leash on opposite end from the wrist cuff. FLY!

During flight the big stopper ball will/should rest against the bar. If you get out of shape and ditch the bar, it will slide up the middle line to the little stopper ball.

Not certain what the pulley attached to the leash would be for though.

RedSky - 8-7-2014 at 05:06 PM

I'd say the 'key' is part of an old push away quick release. It may pass through a small loop of rope on the end of a chicken loop. Something similar to this.