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Spring Kite Skiing at Shawano Lake - Video

Cheddarhead - 4-8-2014 at 06:21 PM

Love this time of year! Just a video of me cruisin Shawano Lake last Saturday. A no gloves light jacket kinda day.


3shot - 4-8-2014 at 06:28 PM

Awesome video bro!!

Cheddarhead - 4-8-2014 at 07:01 PM

Thanks. Final product plays back choppy on youtube. Hope it's just my computer being slow or outdated drivers causing this. Anybody else seeing choppy playback? My OCD is starting to tingle:evil:

Feyd - 4-8-2014 at 07:19 PM

Nice work man.:thumbup::thumbup:

Kiteflyer933 - 4-9-2014 at 07:02 PM

I guess the lake is shallow? so nothing to worry even though the ice layers are weak...maybe its only our lake has weak top layers by this time of year....and the fact that its from 10-30ft deep makes me think twice to even land my feet in our semi frozen lake....Your beautiful video makes me envy your lake and missed Snowkiting already!

Cheddarhead - 4-9-2014 at 07:53 PM

Kiteflyer - We had an especially cold winter this year and ice got to almost 3ft thick on this particular lake. Usually were done already but ice out is late this year. My video was shot on April 5th and there was still one crazy person driving their SUV on the lake while people like myself were walking out. Ice fishermen were still reporting 28inches of ice but top half getting soft. It was a banner year for ice in Wisconsin!