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Are there Kiting/buggy events in Ontario for 2014 ??

dangerdan - 3-6-2014 at 04:20 PM

I tried to Google this and got no where or maybe I did not know how to ask in Google, but are there any kiting/buggy events here in Ontario Canada or are they all down south.

markite - 3-6-2014 at 09:58 PM

No official events here - the only two really good beaches to buggy: 1) Wasaga needs NW and we can only buggy once ice is off sometime mid to late April until long weekend in may and then back in the fall - technically not allowed on the beach so we keep a low profile and stay away in the summer. 2) Sauble needs West and again only buggy spring and fall..and a lot of water run off trenches at regular intervals - busy in summer.
We'll be on the snow until early Apr by the looks of things and then squeeze in a couple of buggy weekends and start hitting the water and buggy for a month then by late May until September not really as much bugging as beaches are busier.
I will continue to include you in weekend kite emails if you want to join us - sometimes we buggy Long Point on Erie but it depends what has happened over winter to get some early spring hard pack and late fall hard pack otherwise it's all softer sand.
For anything more organized that a few Ontario people hit up:
Ivanpah Buggy Blast, Nevada/California - early Apr - fly down
Wildwood New Jersey Buggy Bash the end of Apr - 10/11 hr drive
Jekyll Island Buggy Expo, Georgia - mid May - 18/20 hr drive
St Honoré Kite Fest, Québec (festival and buggy at the airport) - mid June - 13 hr drive

dangerdan - 3-7-2014 at 08:08 AM

Thanks Mark.
I keep trying to fly my 2m but my back muscles continue to spams every time I go kiting. I'm see a chiropractor now and hope this helps as I don't wont to give this sport up. Keep me in the Email list till the end of summer as I want to see you guys in action either on buggies or water. After that we shall see what happens.

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-7-2014 at 10:00 AM

Hey Dan, after you talk to your Doc, and let him know that you fly kites, he may encourage flying as it is actually great exercise. I was in a head on crash back in 96 and had my shoulder rebuilt due to the damage from the wreck. I was only able to gain 80% use out of my arm with almost 2 years of rehab. I got into the kiting thing and now have almost 100% of my motion back. It was very good rehab for my shoulder and I feel better than ever now. I know it is a little different than back problems but a good workout with the kite in the right winds is a great core strength builder. It works so many muscles, all of which will eventually make your back stronger.

Good luck at the docs and if you get the chance to come to WBB, it is well worth the trip!

dangerdan - 3-7-2014 at 01:08 PM

Thanks shehatesmybobbies.
Your right, a workout would help strengthen the body.
Now getting out to WBB is another issue ... I need a passport and I just hate the BS I have to go thru to get it.