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Pismo report

FreeFlyFrog - 10-30-2006 at 09:48 AM

The trip was a blast despite the lack of wind for 3 out of the 4 days we were there. 15mph winds on sunday for a few hours made up for a it...sort of, since they came at the highest tide so not much room. Pretty crowded though.

Thankfully we are a creative (slighty crazy/stupid) bunch and came up with fun activities to make up for it. Being in a 4wd park with dunes galore we had lots of fun with quads and dirt bikes. That wasn't enough though, we had came here to buggy! So.....we conected a rope to the back of my subaru and around 10 pm the first night we hit some 30 mph runs! I learned that face planting in the sand doesn't hurt to bad at 15 mph. We tried again the second night but got pulled over by the rangers! He didn't knoew what to say. He thought we were sleding behind the car! When he saw the buggy he was confused. He said we were preforming an illegal tow! But the best part was that he was visibly wanting to let us continue! He kept making coments about how safe it looked, (we were covered in body armor and helmets). We explained what the buggy was really for. He said we had to stop but...they leave at midnight..hint hint! I could believe a cop was telling when it was ok to break the rules!

We did have an occaisonal breeze, which allowed us to do my favorite part of the trip. We launched our biggest kites on the crest of a dune and flew the kite bellow us! What an odd feeling to have the kite be 15- 20 feet bellow you!

So the trip was fun. We wished for more wind, but when don't we. We got some good video and will work on that soon....