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A kite for a kite for a kite....my kingdom for a kite

LEIgh`s - 7-18-2013 at 10:41 AM

Hi, I`m a newby, fresh out of the box as of today and was looking for a kite from surfing for my boat for $250 (no extras). Searching the net I found out that people are already doing this kiteBOATing..surprised I am.

For my first I would like to get this big lump out and the most important - Which TYPE of kite am I looking for - (for kite boating) and yes my boat is heavy. I would like to reasonably get .. A BIG ONE.

Looking through your posts I see a guy with a 50mtr monster and would be good but tooo big, boating yes flying .. well maybe later, where can I get one - experts - please!

indigo_wolf - 7-18-2013 at 12:12 PM

What kind of boat are you trying to power exactly and what kites have you already flown?


Bladerunner - 7-18-2013 at 04:14 PM

Before becoming a pilot you need to learn to fly. A kite that is going to move a boat is going to be too much kite to learn the ropes on.

Odds are that you will only be able to go downwind depending on the kind of boat you have. Usually catamaran style is best?

There is a very good deal on a used Slingshot trainer kite on here at the moment. If you don't have flying experience it will be a good place to start. You need to learn how to use the wind window etc. before trying to pilot a boat. If you are already a sailor it will be of some advantage but you'll still need to learn the ropes.

You can pay a bit more and get the 4m Beamer that is also in the used section. The B3 will teach you to fly but makes for a lousy engine. The 4m Beamer can be used as an engine but will likely be too small for your needs. A good size for learning just not likely to power a largish boat?

PHREERIDER - 7-18-2013 at 07:11 PM

greetings.....if you have a mountain of kiting experience then have fun, cats are the way to go. frightening fast! like tear-the-boat-apart-speed!

if you don't...then caution is advised.

or just start and learn without fear for life and limb

going up...?

LEIgh`s - 7-18-2013 at 09:14 PM

Everyone`s right !!! and I love flying kites. I haven't used one on a boat yet.

For the main part - the goal for this to work is STRENGTH and the good help from a place called kite boat project with k2 and 50sqm kites to power up to 30 knots ..etc. with the assistance of those keels lifting the thing out of the water. Ideally.

For me I have nothing on your experience or even money for the tweaking of differing sized kites for light or strong winds - even though a few rides might be the answer to it.

The boat is heavy compared to (anything else) as the zodiac has a wooden floor and `stuff` stored on top ,two generators ,camping and fishing equipment etc. I take it out on a home made electric golf cart `frame` and move it about with a mini thruster for trolling. A keel (wave breaker?) IS on the make with a properly built HARD one similar to a fibre glass boat (because the stock floor is virtually nothing) and maybe a stabiliser (foil?? keel lifting the vessel out of the water) centralising the boat incorporating the mechanism (patented L shape thingy) linking the line to the kite, steering etc. I think this is basically the key to something along the lines of a built setup or for arguments sake keeping up with technology with some moderation to speed as escaping sharks wont need the guiness book of records.

Anyway, this all came about when zodiacs deflate when hit with a lump of underwater timber and chose to place on a hard hull - so why not a free power source too.

I have `envisioned` about a 20m kite to perform the required duties WITH the depower option but for the life of me cant get a name of which ones are suitable. Are there stronger ones like the `kite boat projects` 18-50m pulling a cat 36 knots with 3 people on board, are they specially built?

So if it is TOO special I might get one of yours, tie it to the bow and go in straight lines.

lives2fly - 7-19-2013 at 02:10 AM

Get a kiteboard or a surfboard and a water re-launchable kite. You will have alot more fun that way.

If you really want to use a kite to make your boat move then get a Sled kite. just get the biggest you can find which won't be that big as they are not commercially available in a large size range.

The different types of kite we all use for kitesports all require constant piloting - you can't just tie the kite to the front of the boat. With a sled kite you can.

Two of you might manage - one steers the boat and one flies the kite. I have done this on a 2 person kayak which was pretty good fun although not particularly succesful as a means of travel!! We used a 10m kitesurfing kite for that.

LEIgh`s - 7-19-2013 at 03:46 AM

I am scared of that word- not commercially available.

STACKS might be the answer.