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5-4-2013 ACKF not!

WELDNGOD - 5-11-2013 at 05:49 PM

I met up w/ flyhighWNY @ VaB . Kitefest was a bust,so we and had OUR own kite fest. Downwinders were the order of the day.(Thanks go out to my good friend John and my wife for driving the truck AGAIN! ) We had a blast... I'll let Brian tell his story about it. Here is his first run to 68th st. from 89th st. :D https://vimeo.com/65980936

cheezycheese - 5-11-2013 at 06:51 PM

Nice run Donnie !! Miss ya bro....:cool:

Todd - 5-11-2013 at 08:28 PM

SaaWeet! I miss you guys as well AND THAT BEACH!!!

I need a vacation :smilegrin: Posting from the Days Inn Mocks NC

3shot - 5-12-2013 at 07:55 AM

Awesome Donnie!!!

Dude, I am counting the days til' this fall/winter, and saving up lots of gas money from G-town to V-town.

My gosh that was fun to watch!! :thumbup:

WELDNGOD - 5-12-2013 at 07:58 AM

:D:D:D Gotta love those "coastal lows"