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harness for 4 line kite?

aleitner - 7-23-2012 at 07:01 AM


I have a 4 line kite (magma 4, comes with two handles, not a bar) and I use it just to have fun on the field (and maybe on the beach during vacations, but I have not tried this yet).

While this is lots of fun, the kite has quite a pull and strains my arms. Does it make sense for this kind of fun kiting to use a harness? I have one for Windsurfing (legs+waist). I have seen there are handle bars for 4 line kites. (E.g. this one: http://www.kite-style.ch/ksps/Zubehoer/Handles--Bar/4-Leiner...)

Can I connect this to my Windsurf harness? How safe is this to use? Is there an emergency mechanism similar to the kite killers I currently use?

I assume a depower kite doesn't make sense unless I want to do use it to be pulled on some kind of vehicle, right?

Many thanks in advance,

aleitner - 7-23-2012 at 07:34 AM

Oops, looks like I posted this into the wrong sub-forum by mistake. Will repost in the right one. Didn't find a way to delete this myself, but if a moderator could do that, I'd appreciate it.

Sorry for the confusion.