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newbie to Power kiting

ptmuguca - 10-17-2005 at 09:10 PM

my husband and i are newbies to the kiting world. back in June my husband and i surely cought the bug and what a thrill, now we find our self going to the Oregon coast every chance we get to go kiting we either fly our trick kites or our Power kites..
My husband has been really interested in getting a Revolution Power Blast 4.8 we have been looking everywhere does anyone know where we can get our hands on one of these kites?.right now we have a Beamer 1.8, but he is looking for something with alot more power to use both with pulling on the sand bu feet and by hooking up with a buggy we have yet to get a buggie that will be coming next..
does anyone have any great recommendations.
we are also looking for other great spots to go kiting..
we have been attending the great kites Festivals here in Oregon and looking forward to hitting more of them...
we can use some help..
thanks Kim & Art

coreykite - 10-24-2005 at 01:13 PM

Hey Kim,
What sort of power kites do you folks already fly?

I have a Power Blast 4/8 in stock, but frankly it might not be your best choice.

I'm concerned that you think the kite has the power.
It's in the wind.

And going from a 1.8m foil to a PB 4/8 is like having only first gear and overdrive.
Your quiver would be better served by middle size gear.

Then there are the aerodynamic differences between a sail (like the Rev) and airfoils.
They create power differently.
Do you know the differences?

I'd be happy to help.

Safen Up! Buggy On!

"Often wrong but never in doubt."

the coreylama

Scoopy - 11-5-2005 at 05:22 PM

I would like to know more about these rev power kites. Does the 4-8 really create power somewhere close to my 8.5??? I really find it hard to believe. I would love to hear your openions.


archkiter - 11-7-2005 at 02:38 PM

Hi Kim and Art,

Welcome to the world of kiting! I just moved to Portland from Seattle a couple of months ago. Like you I find myself going out to the coast or over to Sauvie Island every chance I get:tumble:. If you ever want to meet up sometime I'd be more than willing to let you have a go on either of my kites. I've been jonsin' to get out but it has been rainy the past few weekends or else no wind:no:. Anywho I'll send youa U2U with my email if you are interested in getting together.