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weather in late June in CUMBUCO

cris - 7-2-2005 at 05:46 PM

Location: Fortaleza BRASIL
Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:54 pm Post subject: cumbuco
Tuesday started sunny but after a while, clouds formations coming from SE turned things wet, after 13h, skies cleared and ESE came in between 14-18 kts, it stayed so until 16h 30 and from then, some 12-14 kts until dark.
Wednesday a 11, SE and very light, at 13, ESE came in bringing 16-20 kts, at 14h, were 18-22 kts and it kept blowing the same until 17h that went a bit down to 16-18 kts, a real good riding day!.
Thursday started sunny but SE direction (side off in Golfinho) again, strong gust together with almost windless moments, at 13h 30, as almost always, ESE came in with 18-23 kts, looking really promising, if it was not for that after a while a dark cloud formation coming from SE took the wind away, all the unaware riders ended with the kites on the water and struggling to get back to shore with the new SE wind blowing back, (as you should have been told when you took your kite course, it's quite important to keep an eye on the horizont upwind and 30 degrees angle in both sides too), it took almost one hour for the ESE to come in but once again 16-24 kts, first gusty and later getting better, 16-20 kts, low tide, almost flat and the 9 kiters in front of Golfinho having a great ride, at around 17h, the wind dropped almost completely and that was it!. Cheers. CRIS

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Ciao Chris
Do you remember us from last year?
This July we'll be here again, this time we are 6, can you find us some good rooms not too expensive? When is possible a house is also good. S

Friday, at 11h, SE light (and unkiteable), at 13h turned ESE and came 18-22 kts, after half hour the gust were up to 26 kts, some people complained that was too gusty, I didn't fund it so anyway,it lasted until 16h that went down to 16-20 kts and at 17h to 10-12 kts. Saturday again SE and at 12h ESE between 16 and 20 kts, at 13h brutally down (for our standars) to 10-14 kts (quite unusual as there were not any clouds) but at 14h came again 14-20 kts, half hour later 18-23 kts and until dark between 16 and 20 kts.
Sunday even sunny, SE stayed until 15h, sometimes almost windless and sometimes with strong gusts, when it turned to ESE (side shore in Golfinho) it came 18-22 kts, water was almost flat and the conditions were great but only for an hour, as it turned slightly SE again, leaving almost windless the first 50 mts while outside remained some 16-20 kts, this day in Praia do Futuro, Iguape and all the East coast they had 20 consistent kts.
Monday the wind came in at 11h 30, ESE, and 16-20 kts, at 13h sometimes up till 22 kts, we rode the Tabuba-Cumbuco limit with some waves rolling creating the perfect scene for carves and jumps in almost flat water once the wave had passed you. At 16h were still 14-16 kts and at 17h down to 12 kts till dark.
We have, besides Brian from ZA and Eduardo from chile, a group of Dutch kiters in JacS-P-A-M-L-I-N-K-s and a new group of Florida kiters in Golfinho, we've planned a kite trip for Thursday, action coming back to our shores after the quiet months of April and May, actually we are having all the SE wind days that we had'nt during all the wet season.
To bananakite: Hi guys! Of course I remember you! Great that you've decided to come again this year, I mentioned your post to the staff of Golfinho, they are enthusiastic about it! (they still remember your generous tips).
I see this year maybe you prefer to stay at a villa, you can check in http://groups.msn.com/Accommodationoptions/shoebox.msnw there are many options, some bungalows with 3 rooms, sea front for only 12 reais, and houses with 6,7 and 9 rooms, starting from 220 reais day. check and let me know your preferences to my mail, kiteboardcumbuco@yahoo.com. Greetings. CRIS

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Hi, is windy in September?

Tuesday started rainy and until 13h there was no wind, then, though very cloudy and sometimes short showers, ESE came in, 16-20 kts with gusts up to 23 kts, it lasted until 16h that went down to 12 kts, remarkable to see that the last 3 TIMES that my friend Joao came here, (Joao e o seu aviao), he's a TAP pilot and also the ADVANCE importer for Portugal, weather changed and rain came, uhmmm... very strange! Anyway, that day we had the Advance kites taking control of the beach, 7 kites, all advance were the reigning brand (today only).
Wednesday at 11h we had ESE again 16-20 kts, at 13h between 18 and 22 kts and at 16h yet 14-17 kts.
Thursday at 11h 14-18 kts, at 14h 18-20 and 14-16 again until dark, Friday some cloud formation coming from SE, side off in Golfinho, keep things unstable until 13h that wind turned ESE, then came 18-22 kts, at 15h, 16-20 kts and 14-16 kts until dark.
Saturday was a rainy day, first some heavy showers and soft pouring rain for the rest of the day.
Bad news fot the flat water lovers, even though Cauipe is still intact, today the sangradouro was bleeding making the crossing of high tide impossible, the Taiba lagoon ( Barra do rio Sao Goncalo) is gone!, the sand bar broke and the half of the lagoon went away, here some sad pics of how things looks now, there's just to wait until the July-August blowing winds will (hopefully) close the sand bar again and some high tide will bring things back to normal.
Cheers. CRIS

Monday started sunny and cloudless, after all the rain and clouds of the day before, the wind at 11h, SE and 12 kts with gusts to 18 kts, at 12h 30 turning ESE and 14-18 kts, it stayed that way almost until 17h that went a bit down, the water conditions, especially after returning from the far East experience (Mundau-Icarai kite trip) were a bit dissapointing, tide almost up all the riding time and chopy. The scene in front of Golfinho, in some moments gathered 18 kites at a time.
Tuesday sunny, at 11h, ESE 18-21 kts, at 13h, 21-25 kts and up to 27 kts on the gusts, some of the guys later, returning from Paracuru, talked of an empty spot until 12h and 30 good kts! The ventilator is starting to work!!, this day, in Cumbuco, at 16h still 16-21 kts and 14-18 until dark, the american kiters put more salsa on the beach action because are natural born wave riders and they ride the shore break until the end.
Wednesday at 10h, SE, at 10h 30, turning ESE and 16-20 kts, at 13h turning again to SE and staying this direction for the whole day, meaning side off in front of the school, first between 16 and 23 kts until 16h and between 14 and 18 kts until dark, very gusty.
The forecast is the next 2 days more of the same, SE, uhm...
What a perfec excuse to pack the stuff on a car and take the trip to Iguape, 40 kms after Fortaleza heading East, there, SE means cross shore and the almost always present nice waves.
Cheers. CRIS

Thursday in Cumbuco, at 11h SE, at 12h 30, turning ESE and 14-18 kts first and 20-25 kts after a while, at 15h, 18-22 kts and at 16h 30 12-16 kts almost dying after that, barely 10kts.
This day in Iguape we had 14-18 at 12h, SE, a bit after started to go down, some 12 kts, as the tide started to fill, the wind picked up again to 14-22 kts, gusty but rideable, the only problem was how to stay upwind but the water conditions were excellent, at high tide, all the local surfers were enjoying the waves, at night it rained a lot and it was some kind of wind storm with strong gusts of at least 40 plus kts! (something almost never seen here).
Friday started rainy and until 13h 30, wind didn't come, after, we had 12-14 kts ESE, up to 16-18 kts until 15h and 10-14 kts until dark.
Saturday SE until 12h, after, it turned ESE and came 16-20 kts, at 15h were 14-18 kts and so until dark. The American group of kiters go back to USA tomorrow, the Portuguese, ADVANCE riders, Joao, Bruno and girlfriends will go home tomorrow too after visiting some kite spots, among them, Paracuru,which yet is still rideable, except on Sundays, and we've received some more kite fellows, two groups of Argentineans, 20 kiters, Fortaleza as a destination is becoming very popular in Argentina and Chile, a Salvadorean, some British and French and some Germans too, down towards Eco, also growing beach action and more than 15 kites on the air, season is arriving!. Cheers. CRIS

Sunday at 11h ESE 12-16 kts, turning E at 12h 30 and 12 kts, at 14h up to 14-17 kts and at 17h between 10 and 13 kts, many local kiters on our area, in all 22 kites and many more down towards Eco, low tide on riding time and no shore break.
Monday was one of this uncommon days in which wind, starting SE (side off in Golfinho), keep blowing that direction for the whole day, no clouds on the sky but no changes, in Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza, at 15h only 12 kts.
Tuesday starting SE, strong gusts but unrideable (from 0 to 25 kts in seconds and back to 0 again), at 13h wind turned ESE between 14 and 18 kts, at 15h, 12-16 kts, at 17h 10-12 kts.
Wednesday SE, some 20 kts on the outside and almost windless on the beach, the ones that tried the ride, ended with the kites on the water, at 13h 30 turned ESE and between 16 and 22kts, after one hour, the gust up to 24-25 kts and at 15h 30 down to 12-16 kts for the rest of the day, gusty and chopy but rideable.
This month of June we had all the SE wind of the whole wet season, is only raining some nights at around 11h along with heavy gust of wind, not the best windy month of the year obviously; though, except for a couple of windless days and some 10 more days of 12-14 kts, you could ride every day. Cheers. CRIS

Hi Chris!

Im 86 kg and are coming next week. What size of kites do I need?



This days we are having irregular conditions, that, for Cumbuco standars, it means quite unusual, anyway, things have to change at any moment.
If you have a 18 mts bring it, the right sizes would be 18 and 12, but maybe things will get normal and 16-12-9 would be fine then. CRIS


Tons of Italians are ready to come and ride all f..g waves and f.. all f..g chicks!!!!!!

Remember...... we do not .....JUST DO IT.......... WE DO IT BETTER!!!!!!!

Thursday starting SE, at 11h, gusty but almost not rideable, passing from 10 to 20 kts in seconds, at 13h stabilizing and under a cloudy sky came between 25 and 28 kts, in some moments the gust up to 32 kts, it stayed so until almost 16h that went down to 16 kts and 13 kts and until dark.
Friday at 11h ESE, 16-20 kts, at 13h 18-23 kts, at 15 h again 16-20 kts and 14-18 kts until dark, chopy and gusty but better than yesterday anyway.
Today Saturday starting SE but turning ESE at 11h, between 14-16 kts, at 12h, 16-20 kts, Jose the french and I we made an upwind till the Icarai limit, a bit chopy but the wind consistent, after 15 h down to 12-16 kts and a bit after up again to 14-18 kts until late.
No waves this last month of June, let's hope things will get better and we will get some swells by the time the italians will arrive here, we've to give them a chance to teach us to ride (and maybe also to improve our lover's skills)
Thanks God, this fellows, as most of you know, are all round the world teaching everyone for free!!!
Cheers. CRIS