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Video to watch......... beautiful

RMV - 6-9-2005 at 01:02 AM

My hat off to the artist and his creation, I wanted to share
this with all of you. It is 9 minutes of pure pleasure.



action jackson - 6-10-2005 at 05:34 AM


mecdave - 6-10-2005 at 06:02 AM

Yeah, wasn't what I was expecting to see, but well worth watching. Thanks!

TangledStrings - 8-4-2005 at 08:07 PM

Very enjoyable

william_rx7 - 8-5-2005 at 06:01 PM

Trippy. Reminds me of the intro to the original Woodstock movie, where this guy paints this crazy picture of Jimi Hendrix...