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Buggy Boogie Fall Thang 09

coreykite - 8-28-2009 at 12:06 PM

Hey Sailors,
Yet once again we gather in the desert.
This time it will be Sept. 19th & 20th at El Mirage Dry Lake.

No Meetings, except around camp, in the shade.
No Rules, except the ones that always apply.
No Facilities, except the ones we bring and the toilet across the lake bed.
No Drinking, except if it is liquid.
No Talking. I mean it.
And when I get back... This room better be picked up!

So if there is a good program on television, you might be better off staying home and watching it.

Nothing to see here... Move along folks.

Is It Fun?
We've been bad... And this is our punishment.

Safen Up! Buggy On!

"Often wrong... Never in doubt"

the coreylama


WindWiz - 8-28-2009 at 02:34 PM

Anybody coming down on Friday 9/18 to keep the site honest?? :singing:

http://www.buggythang.org :wee:

Also you can check the site for directions if needed and other information!

coreykite - 8-29-2009 at 10:49 AM

Hey Sailors,

Heck Yes!
I plan on coming down on Friday and having camo-shade up ASAP.
I simply love waking up each morning on the playa.
So give me one more!

Oops... Sorry... I was supposed to keep quiet.

Safen Up! Buggy On!

"Often wrong... Never in doubt"

the coreylama

crewl1 - 9-5-2009 at 09:31 AM

Hopin to be there saturday.

Iwant to go!

Ramij2 - 9-14-2009 at 06:02 PM

I dont know if i'm going to be able to make it. I just have to wait it out. But, if I do make it out i'll be shure not to drive throw camp this time. Like i did last time. Sorry guys!

SlasherQuan - 9-19-2009 at 11:00 AM

Would have loved to join you guys, but unfortunatley I'm Ill and barley have enough energy to stand. May good wind and good times find you all

Saturday was FUN!

crewl1 - 9-20-2009 at 11:15 PM

Went out on Saturday and had a great time. Wind was up early in the afternoon and stayed in the 30's (?)
I got plenty of buggy time in since the conditions were so perfect.
I am a buggy chicken so I use the smallest kites possible and my homemade 1m was plenty.
(I'm looking for a small Skytiger if anyone has one for just these conditions.)
I left around 6 and it was still blowing.

Looks like some folks showed up at night before Corey and set up another camp about a mile short of Walt's Cove, so the attendees were split in two groups.

I'm sure there are GPS coordinates listed somewhere, arent there? If not I'll make a point of recording them next time out.

Good seeing all y'all - cheers!